Siege Warfare

Siege Warfare

Dr Chris McNab
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
This is rather a nice introduction to siege warfare up to the gunpowder age. It is a rather brief overview of a period covering over a thousand years. It's very well laid out, illustrated and written.

There are one or two minor proofreading errors but nothing too bad. The overall style is informal and chatty making it an ideal book for either kids or somebody with no real knowledge of the subject.

That said it will be of use to anybody with an interest in the covered period if only for the illustrations of modern reconstructions. The only real drawback and it is a very minor one, probably down to both space and it being aimed at a Western reader, is that it is very Eurocentric and only briefly touches on events outside of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe sphere.

I have given it 4 mushroom heads as it's a very good basic primer and contains an excellent bibliography section for anybody who wants more in-depth coverage

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