Seaforth World Naval Review 2020

Seaforth World Naval Review 2020

Edited by Conrad Waters
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Seaforth World Naval Review 2020 (SWNR 2020) is the latest volume in this now firmly-established annual institution. Following its standard but effective format, SWNR features rigorous analysis and detailed insight from its usual contributors. Ship classes reviewed for SWNR include the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s long-awaited ‘TIDE’-class fleet replenishment ships and the Indian Naval Service’s ‘KAMORTA’-class corvettes. These classes show interesting emergent trends in naval technology. The TIDE design, for example, is a modular, scaleable design that is intended for the international naval market, with one overseas sale (in the form of the ‘MAUDE’ to the Royal Norwegian Navy) already made, and more hoped-for as many navies need to re-capitalise their auxiliary fleets. The ‘KAMORTA‘ is a corvette only in terms of size: the design is by no means an offshore patrol vessel, but a move towards high-end Antisubmarine Warfare on a smaller platform. The design is therefore similar to the Russian ‘STEREGUSHCHIY’ class corvette, packing a lot of weapons and sensors into a smaller platform.. The ‘KAMORTA’ program is mainly indigenous, and so although it has been problematic, it is another clear step forwards in Indian naval capability - quality is now on a par with quantity.

Fleet reviews look at both the Finnish and German Navies, both having a renewed focus on the Baltic given the renewed Russian subsurface threat. Naval aviation looks at the F-35 Lightning, now operational after a long gestation and currently providing a decisive edge of seagoing 5th-generation combat jet capability to the USN, USMC and RN to begin with.

5/5 Mushroomheads. High-quality naval open source intelligence at a reasonable price, crafted by experts.

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