Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink

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Today we're looking at the Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink. An excellent bit of gear that's durable and has plenty of different uses, from water carrier to hydration aid, to, well, a kitchen sink and, if all else fails, you can use it as much, much more..... (use your imagination...)

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The Sea to Summit 10 litre Kitchen Sink is a cracking bit of kit. I've used it extensively since 2011 when I first took one out to Kenya where it fulfilled all manner of roles, from clothes washing, foot washing, utensil washing, to acting as a water carrier.

Made of 70 denier 10,000m waterhead polyurethane, it utilises taped seams to prevent leaks, and because it's taped there's no risk of it failing as with the glued type. At 70 denier, the human hair is around 20 denier, so it's very thin and because of this, very light at 134 grams.

The stuff sac that it comes in is made of the same material with a drainage hole at the bottom - be wary of this when you're packing up in case you've got it clogged with mud and dirt, but it's easy enough to rinse out.

The real benefit to the Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink is that the base is wider than the neck and the neck has a stainless steel supporting ring which means it keeps it's round shape, and holds the water in really well. Even on slightly uneven ground, it balances and retains the water without any real issues. The wide neck also gives you ample space to work in, and the webbing handles with the reinforced stitching allow you to hang it from a tree branch or a pole if you want to elevate it to give you more space in your admin area.

Once you're finished with it, it's exceptionally easy to put back into the stuff sac and, another big bonus, even if you just jam it in, the steel ring never seems to lose it's shape - I've had it bent and twisted and when I bring it back out, it pops straight back out to the circular shape.

The Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink can also be used with detergents and cleaners if required, though it does instruct on the stuff sac to dispose of the contaminated water 100m away from any natural source; again Sea to Summit are a fairly eco-friendly company and they try to convey that with small things like this.

This is a really nice bit of kit, retailing for £25 at 10 litres from and one that's worth of any outdoor trip or event - thinking outside the box, it has so many uses as to be indispensable.

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