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SAS Great Escapes

SAS Great Escapes

Damien Lewis
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
SAS Great Escapes tells the story of seven of the most dramatic and daring escapes executed during WWII by what is arguably the world's most famous military fighting force - the SAS.

With each story comes a nail-biting, rollercoaster ride in classic Damien Lewis style - readers join individual escapees and experience events through their own words, taken from contemporaneous diaries, mission reports, debriefings and letters - recapturing the most terrifying and exhilarating moments of their lives.

These tales of almost unbelievable derring-do reveal the most desperate of times, when men were cornered by the enemy and were forced to fight their way out of certain death or capture. Around every corner, upon every decision and every movement lurked the possibility of discovery.

Damien Lewis is a best selling author producing a series of book on the SAS and their escapades. As it says in the title this book tells seven escape tales from world war two undertaken by the Originals for the Special Air Service in a very readable form. The ORIGINALS were men from hardy stock and when the chips were down their mental strength saw them through, with just the aid of water bottles and a button compass they traversed all sorts of terrains to make their final escapes. They had no need of E-BAY SAS, SF, or SOE gadgets just hearts of oak and good boots. In fact it was a debrief from one of the escapees that alerted MI 9 to the need for escape equipment to be sent to prisoner of war camps.

This book no doubt will be another best seller, however I did think that there's nothing to see here folks in the way of any new or interesting material from the archives. All these stories have been produced in other books and biographies that's why I give it four mushroom heads instead of five this is not to belittle the Stirling work of the regiment but just like the SAS its traveled over some well worn tracks. It will sell no doubt and non followers of military history (key board warriors ) will be the biggest customers I'm sure .

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