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Salt Marsh - Clare Carson

Clare Carson
This is the second book by Clare Carson and follows on from the first with the adventures of her heroine Sam.

The book can quite easily be read as a stand alone as it is only really the central character who we are following rather than any grand story arc.

Again the book relies very much upon the landscape to provide character to the plot substituting Orkney for the Kentish coast, the salt Marsh in the title, popping in via Norfolk.

The author captures the atmosphere of the various areas the story takes us to very well, giving quite vivid and thought evoking descriptions which just had layers to the narrative.

The story is once again a multi-layered thriller type with a few twists and turns as Sam tries to solve the mystery of her boyfriend's disappearance.

It's well written and follows well, set in the mid 80s, so the politics of the time are relevant but not essential.

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Quite reasonable as a Kindle for £4.07

I'd give it 3.5 Mr Mushroomheads.
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