S.A.S Band of Brothers

S.A.S Band of Brothers

Damien Lewis
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4 Mushroom Heads
June 1944 and a small group of Special Air Service troops under the command of Captain Patrick Garstin MC are dropped into occupied France with instructions to create mayhem and pave the way for the invasion by delaying or preventing Hitler and his generals rushing their Panzer divisions to the D Day landing zones and pushing the Allies back.
Captain Garstin should have been invalided out of the army because of injuries sustained in a previous operation but his grit and determination as well as the assistance ( or connivance ) of Paddy Mayne he and as dangerous and wild bunch of raiders were dispatched on this mission.

Having carried out a number of dangerous and very successful operations causing great damage to the German war machine, they made a daring and resourceful escape only to be betrayed and captured. Tortured and imprisoned with execution probable, two made a daring escape and thus triggered a subsequent hunt for the Nazi teams involved.

To tell more would be to give away the meat of the tale, and it is well worth reading to reach the end of the adventure.

Damien Lewis has once more written a very readable account of some of the most applauded warriors of the war, even though they are not well known the account of their courage and determination is inspiring. Well researched and with great help from the families of those involved as well as the record keepers, this is well up to the author's normal standard.

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