Rome, Blood and Power

Rome, Blood and Power

Gareth C Sampson
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4 Mushroom Heads
This book tells the history of the Roman Republic’s politics between 70 and 27 BC. This was a time of much upheaval politically, with a great deal of violence, murder and mayhem meeting every attempt at political reform. This is the era that produced Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus as ‘benign dictators’ (benign being a loose term involving a bit less murder).

The author uses original Latin texts and descriptions of events, the background and actions leading to the second and third civil wars, the founding of the Principate, further civil war, and finally the founding of a new system. He gives an insight into the characters involved, their background (usually military power as a basis for political power, but not always). He has obviously done a huge amount of research, and yet managed to turn what could be a dry subject into an interesting tale of men battling for control. Far more exciting than Game of Thrones, and with added gladiators!

One of the comments on the dustjacket states that the book is both scholarly and entertaining, which is a rare feat. I agree entirely with this opinion. Another excellent publication from Pen and Sword!

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