Tim Anderson
Relatively Lucky is the story of Billy Scott a Territorial Gunner of the Great War. Like many of his generation Billy had spoken little of his wartime experiences. The book starts towards the end of his life when Kate, his great niece, begins to unpick his story and senses the inner anguish of the old soldier.

The story is a poignant story of a young man's journey from boy to man as a soldier. The story unfolds from Bristol to France and Northern Italy. The time scale from 1914 to 1992. The story is fiction but the action is wrapped around a real battery , the Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery (240 South Midland Bde in the First World War and 266 Bty today).

The centenary of the First World War has seen a wave of military novels of varying quality. This book is distinctive in that the author gets the military details right, so ARRSE readers can enjoy it without gnashing their teeth at historical inaccuracies .The story is poignant and a snapshot of a lost generation. As in any fiction review ,it would be a disservice to give too much of the plot away.

The book is priced at £15 on Amazon in paperback with a few cheaper copies there. The author has served as both a Regular and Territorial officer.

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