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Regret to Inform You

Derreck Jarrett
Set in the fictional village of Rusfield in Suffolk, this very readable story follows the lives of six young men, Jack, Jammy, Willy, Boney, Racer and Fred, who are members of a football team, and the people in their lives from 1912 to 1919.

Chapters set at home alternate with chapters set in the mud of war. The link between these two worlds is usually telegraph and post boy Peter Woods. Alongside war, social changes are taking place, particularly in the lives of women, including campaigning for suffrage and working in munitions factories.

There are surprises and revelations from long ago, always introduced naturally and believable. It's a reminder of life before antibiotics, equal rights and secondary education, when road transport was rare and athletics tracks were cinders.

The book is dedicated to “those at home who suffered for their loved ones fighting and dying abroad”.

4 out of 5.
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