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Red Assault

Red Assault

Vladimir Kitelnikov translated by Kevin Bridge
ARRSE Rating
3.5 Mushroom Heads
Red Assault tells the story of soviet airborne forces from their formation to 1941 when the soviets entered the war.

Starting off introducing the officers of the various bureaus whose ideas came up with what would have been a revolutionary concept in the 30s.

The book progresses through looking at everything related to airborne forces from their initial use of small aircraft for air landing onto parachutes, weapons and gliders.

We all know the story of the Russians parachuting tanks with the crews inside. Well that looks well thought out compared to some of the concepts of pods and child pram like machines for dropping blokes. It also outlines the early exercises and operations the soviets perfected at the time. Quite surprising stuff considering Stalin was purging most of the army at the time.

A heavy research book with lots of pictures and technical details it’s certainly no light read. Not for the casual reader but for anyone with a deep interest in Airborne history a must read.

I’ve gave it 3.5 not because it was a bad book but even for me at times it was a bit dry.


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