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Quantock Clothing Jeans and T-Shirt

Those of you with slightly longer memories will recall that Ravers had the pleasure of reviewing some top class items from Quantock Clothing. They’ve spotted a gap in the market for quality UK manufactured products and have moved to exploit it with a range of clothes that gained the accolade of ‘squaddy friendly’.

Ravers was looking at their polo shirt/zip neck jumper combo whilst I had the James Dean classic of straight cut jeans and white t-shirt. I’ve had them for about six weeks now and like them a lot. Of course, this isn’t cutting edge haute couture but that isn’t what Quantock is about, nor for that matter am I. Or, I suspect, most of you.

What you get with Quantock is total quality and attention to detail that shines through from the moment that they arrive through the door. Anyone who has ever bought anything online has worried about how they return things if they don’t like it. With clothing that is even more of a problem as you are often just guessing at sizes. Quantock have thought about this as the bag in which your clothing arrives can be re-used for any returns and even the postage is free (UK only). That’s a very nice touch that certainly inspires confidence.

The same ethos flows through into the clothing which feels and looks like something that has been made by people who care. We’ve all bought cheap t-shirts that can barely fit a doll after two goes in the washing machine and jeans where the fabric wears away almost immediately. The jeans and t-shirt I’ve been wearing are the completely opposite of that. Nice thick 100% cotton, Japanese produced selvedge denim (they make the best), high quality stitching and subtle Quantock branding made me feel good when I was wearing them. It’s a similar feeling to the first tailor made suit I bought.

Little details that appeals to me a lot are the Union Flag on the bottom of the t-shirt just above the hem and the ‘Made in England’ logo on the labels and sleeve. I’d like to see the UK start manufacturing more so this may be one way to contribute to that whilst also buying the sort of clothes that you look forward to wearing. These aren’t priced to compete with supermarket own brand, made in Vietnam products but then they aren’t going to be worn by the Asda crew either. Of note is that at the time of writing they’re offering two polo-shirts for £75 which seems like a good deal to me.

I also see that Quantock are just about to add a number of button down shirts to their range including one in soft pink that I quite fancy. When they release them I think I’ll be getting one to go with the jeans!
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