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Promises of Blood

David Thorne.
When William Grove a dying millionaire asks Daniel Cornell to execute his will, Daniel has no idea what he is getting himself into. Rather than give his fortune to his three children, Grove has chosen ten names at random from the phone book, when he dies a chance remark by one of them that it's God's way of compensation for the disappearance of her daughter gives him pause for thought, then as another beneficiary tells a similar tale Daniel hurtles into a complex web of bent coppers, gangland retribution and his best friend is arrested for attempted murder which his did not commit.

Don't you just hate it , when your wife says, “don't take that book in the toilet I want to read it after you“? It breaks my flow if you see what I mean. This book was almost unputdownable the story roared ahead like a granddad on a skateboard going down hill. Just as soon as you think you got control of it another twist in the plot appears. This is not just another ex squaddie and his mates after revenge tale it is so much more than that, based in Essex the Author cleverly avoids real place names so as you read it you could be in you own back yard. As soon as you work out the plot and sit back with that condescending smile bam! Something you hadn't thought of appears and its not like a kid playing war who suddenly pulls a bazooka off his back to wipe out his mates tricycle tank, these are clever twists and turns. This story is very believable of course there are some artistic tropes to keep it all moving along but you have the feeling that this could happen in your town by people you know.

A great tale all round even until the end. I enjoyed this book so much that I am going to purchase with my own pocket money the other two in the series, this is going forward as a candidate for the Fiction book of the year and honestly it will take some beating . Four and a half mushroom heads
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