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Post Mortem

Kate London
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I often think whilst perusing certain threads on this site that there may well be more serving and retired Police Officers on here than serving and ex Army lads and lasses.
Police threads usually provoke a fair bit of heated discussion and invariably disagreements between posters, subsequently these are at times rather entertaining to read, just like this book!

Post Mortem is set in a fictional London Borough within The Metropolitan Police, and has been written by an ex serving police officer who having only served for several years ( she resigned to concentrate on full time writing) has captured the atmosphere of working on a uniform relief/team in a busy police station right down to the team not answering calls at refs!

Now I wont be giving anything away story wise by saying that this book starts off with two rather horrific deaths as this is told on the back cover of the book, the bodies lying bloody and mangled at the foot of a residential tower block.

That leaves just four more main characters in this story, two investigating, the other two been investigated!
Having a relatively small cast helps to keep the story moving, the story of how two people die, one a copper with twenty seven years service, the other a teenage girl connected through circumstances beyond their control.

How a simple call regarding an allegation of criminal damage and a neighbour dispute escalates out of control. The timeline of the book takes you back to how it all started and you do get a connection for the poor copper who you know is already dead, the young WPC who he is mentoring and whose career is shaken through the course of events that unfold as the author continues to take all those concerned on a journey that only has one ending.

How and why did these two end up dying? The books title Post Mortem is rather apt as it picks through these questions as well as going through the rituals of Post Mortems, which I may also add were greatly explained, not in graphic detail but what was said certainly brought back memories of my time having to stand there in a cold sterile mortuary and identify the deceased, the deceased that you only knew in death! I thought that was captured rather brilliantly.

All in all a good read which is the authors debut novel. We, (The UK) could have our own Jeffery Deaver if she manages to continue in the same vein. Kate London, a name well worth keeping an eye on.
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