Poles in the Battle of Britain

Poles in the Battle of Britain

Peter Sikora
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The Polish Air Force, which was created in Britain in the summer of 1940 from flying and ground personnel evacuated from Poland and then from France, proved to be one of the most successful formations to fight the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. Overcoming the obstacles of language and operating in a foreign country, the Polish Air Force gained independent status, flying alongside the RAF rather than being a part of the RAF - and for the first time the Polish Air Force became a separate air arm of the Polish Armed Forces. It is stated that 145 Polish pilots fought in the Battle of Britain, many of them experienced and battle-hardened. These men fought not only for freedom of their own homeland but also for British people, of whom they often knew very little. The Poles were able to form four squadrons, two bomber and two fighter, that went into operations during the Battle of Britain. Many other Polish fliers were dispersed across the Fighter Command, joining various RAF squadrons. They all made a decisive impact, when they were needed the most, gaining the respect their British colleagues and the British public. In this superb collection of photographs, the story of the Polish Few is told from their hazardous journey from Poland to the UK and in the great struggle for control of the skies above Britain during that memorable summer of 1940.

Can you say of a book " does what it says on the tin" ? This is a remarkable Photographic piece of history that a lot of British people would do well to remember. It's a Coffee Table and a research tome, there are many sad stories surrounding the photographs of these brave young men, its sad to have a biography of them then to read at the end Shot down and Killed over the channel, killed in a crash landing. missing etc.

These young men come to life whilst looking at their photos and their stories all I can say is , that its a well written and presented book and should be on all of our book shelves . Do yourself a favour and get a copy especially as the youth of today are whinging on about a lack of coffee or PlayStations during this period of the world virus a brilliant 4.5 stars . thank you .

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