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Plastic Soldier Company

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The Plastic Soldier Company
Address: Unit 13-15 The Henfield Business Park Shoreham Road, Henfield BN5 9SL
Phone: 01273 492730

I came across this kit maker while trying to find a 1/72 scale Lloyd Carrier. They do one with crew and 6 pounder anti-tank gun! Not a bad little kit either. The box contains two carriers, two guns and 12 figures (either manning the gun or seated in the carrier.

First up, these kits are not designed for the upmarket, model show. These are models designed for the wargamer. They are accurate representations of the vehicles they are depicting without being too heavy on detail. Plastic Soldier Company make three different kit sizes; 15mm, 20mm (1/72) and 28mm. The 20mm kit boxes carry a red title bar, while the 15mm kit boxes have a black title bar. The 28mm kits are predominantly made by Rubicon Models and are sold in blue blister packs.

The 20mm range of kits is quite good with models of UK & Commonwealth, USA, French, German and Russian vehicles. There are also figure sets to complement the vehicles. The UK & Commonwealth section has Artillery, Figures and Tanks and Vehicles sections with new models being added each month. This month, the Sexton is added to the artillery section.

Once made and painted, the models fit in very well with other kits of the same scale. The CMP trucks kit has three trucks in the box, so I made mine up as RAF, Desert and Northern Europe versions. The CMP Quad set has three different gun barrels, therefore my kits were made as 17 pounder Pheasant and 25 pounder Howitzer. This is the beauty of these kits, they are easy to transfer parts and build different versions. Indeed the Valentine tank has sufficient parts to make 3 individual marks of tank.
1 72 CMP truck small.png

These kits are easily obtainable from the internet and usually come out at around about twenty quid a box. That's pretty good value when you consider the contents. The quality is very good with little or no mould lines or push marks. The instructions are very basic with line drawings rather than written instructions. That being said, the models are pretty easy to assemble and do not require a degree in mechanical engineering! The main drawback I have found is the lack of decals. Fortunately, these can be obtained from Plastic Soldier Company for about £3.99 a sheet. (I use my own from other suppliers)

For anyone starting out or coming back into model-making, don't laugh these off. They can be knocked up in a day and are good value for money. The one thing that tickles me about these kits, is the last phrase on the box front - "some assembly required" (I hope so, I bought it as a kit!).

Overall rating: I'll give it 4 out of 5
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