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Plano PL1819 large military footlocker/trunk

I was asked if I fancied reviewing the Plano extra tough military wheeled mobile plastic storage trunk, now I know that is a bit of a mouthful so I will it by what it is; a gorilla box/storage trunk! This will be familiar to many in the armed forces as they have been purchased in their thousands in PX’s all over the world, this current iteration is sold by a company called Solent plastics who are based down in Gosport.

When I received the box from Solent plastics who specialise in plastic storage solutions so it goes without saying that these guys know what they are talking about. it was well packaged and got to me without a scratch on it, this first thing I noticed once I had got it unboxed was of how well built and sturdy it felt. The original gorilla box/storage trunk always felt flimsy and cheap which was nearly always the case as they cracked with ease and the clips on them would break on a regular basis. The Plano box has 4 very sturdy clips on (2 either side) allowing you to remove the lid completely off the box which is a very good option to have in my opinion as it allows for ease of packing without having to constantly prop the lid up. Inside both the lid and in the actual box there are a series of ribs to strengthen to help reinforce it against knocks and bangs.

The Plano trunk has a vast amount of very useable storage space, at 103ltr’s it could easily hold a helmet, full set of body armour, webbing plus all the other odds and sods that accompany these bits of equipment I specifically mention these bits as these are the things that most members of the armed forces would like to keep secure and safe when in transit from one place to another and this box does both of those. It has 3 padlock holes so it can be kept secure and due to the impressive and sturdy construction of this item it would also keep them safe from damage in the hands of a clumsy mover whilst boxes are getting chucked onto an aircraft pallet or into the back of a pantec somewhere. It has wheels at one allowing the user to pull the box around much like a suitcase as opposed to having to hand carry it from A to B, now this is where my only criticism comes in. The wheels are advertised as all terrain wheels however I honestly cannot see them working on anything but a firm surface as the axles would just get clogged with mud in wet conditions and they would just dig in in dry/soft sand, this is however only a very minor negative point on what is an excellent product.

Now I left the best point about the Plano trunk from Solent Plastics until last, the price. At £67 it is an absolute steal and you are going to struggle to find the same box anywhere else at a cheaper price. To summarise this is an extremely good storage container for anyone in the military who wants to keep the personal items secure but its use isn’t confined to the military arena as I think it would be ideal for skydivers, scuba divers or anyone who wants to keep important items safe and free from damage.
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