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Pilgrim Patrol Yoke

For the last month or so I have been reviewing the Pilgrim Assault Patrol Yoke in multicam. As a Platoon Sgt serving with a regular Inf Bn, I’m pretty much the target audience for this kind of product and have always been keen on my tailored gucci kit of which I’ve bought quite a bit. I’ll confess that at first I was a bit sceptical as I have always bought my belt kit from troopers. However I was pleasantly surprised as with first looks it seemed like a good quality product in full multicam including the molle straps. This is clearly visible from the manufacturer pictures that I’ve posted in the gallery.

As you’d expect, my first action was to fit it to my webbing. This produced the observation that that the straps are far too long and needed to be trimmed down considerably. If these were made a little shorter this would cut down on the production costs as I know that multicam material is quite expensive. I’m quite short at 5ft 7 so went for the medium yoke which fitted well in a variety of different types of kit including shirt, smock and then CBA. For those larger in stature there is also the option of getting the yoke in large. All fitted fine however when wearing it with CBA I had to adjust the shoulder straps a little and also the sternum strap which were both simple tasks. Once again there are pictures in the gallery of me wearing it in different types of kit and on my webbing.

The yoke is well featured with molle all round and also two chest pockets which are meant to fit something of up to the same size as a a map. This is a nice concept however once worn it is a little bit tight to fit anything larger or bulkier than a notebook which is a pretty handy place to have it stowed. I also found it fitted my battlebook perfectly. The molle is everywhere on this yoke so you can fit grenade pouches, PRR or magazine pouches wherever you want. I’m planning to put on a small med pouch holding my tourniquet, FFD and scissors. I did try attaching a large camelback type molle pouch on the back of it however they have put a handle at the top which means that there is no molle at the top to hold it all on which is one negative point as I don’t think there is a need for the handle to be so large.

Ok so all good so far but the largest negative point for this yoke is the price. At £154.99, that is a pretty significant especially when you’ll also need to factor in the cost of the webbing itself which will come to somewhere in the region of £300 (or more). That is a hell of a lot of money for a junior soldier and would probably cause a sharp intake of breath from even the most wealthy airsofter! Now I do know that the price of getting the multicam material imported is expensive but if they cut down on using the excess strap material and made a smaller handle this would help with manufacturing costs. Troopers do their patrol yoke for about £85 when I last spoke to them and one of my guys has one and it looks nearly identical bar a few minor things. When I spoke to different guys within my platoon and unit most blokes prefer the look of the Pilgrim yoke. The cost differential meant that they would rather buy the Troopers yoke and once worn it probably won’t look much different.

There isn’t that much you can say about a yoke but I liked the fit, use of genuine multicam and the build quality. The map/notebook pockets are an interesting feature that I can see coming in handy. In my opinion, It could be improved by a smaller handle and more molle at the back

Overall the Pilgrim Assault Patrol Yoke is an excellent bit of kit that I would recommend to anyone. The only major negative point is the price especially as it is just a yoke. Now if they could find a way of lowering the price to nearer around £100 then I am certain that they will have even more soldiers/enthusiasts buying this yoke. I am glad I tried this yoke and I will now be looking at more equipment from Pilgrim as they have outweighed my expectations with their kit.
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