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Pilgrim Patrol Yoke

The Pilgrim Patrol Yoke is supplied by Pivotal Defence Solutions Ltd who created the range in 2011 with a specialist project to build a versatile belt kit for austere conditions. This was called FCSR after the four different types of patrolling; Fighting, Clearing, Standing and Recce.

The basic idea was that one type of webbing should cover all your requirements without need for constant changing. Subsequently the FCSR belt kit was tested in the jungles of Brunei and all reports were positive.

Out of this project came the next item of kit which is the Pilgrim Patrol Yoke that is the subject of this review. Through adjustable sections on the shoulders and round the torso it offers the ability to tailor the fit to your individual shape. This has the great benefit of preventing unwanted movement during dynamic conditions. There also appears to be a lot of material on the webbing and velcro fasteners which offers the potential for the yoke to be worn on top of body armour should that be required.

A nice feature is the provision of two zipped map pockets on either side which will be accessible regardless of what is attached to the MOLLE on the front of the yoke. Construction is from genuine 500 dernier Multicam cordura and mesh. The later greatly aids airflow, reduces weight and water retention.

Attachment to a belt is via the Pilgrim six point lashing system which is similar to systems from other manufacturers including PLCE.
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