Pilgrim HL GTX MTP Forest Boot

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  • Firstly I would like to thank Paul, the MD of Trekitt, for his help as well as generosity.

    So, I have had these boots just over a week and have just this afternoon returned from an eleven mile walk confronted/accompanied by a good sea breeze, rain and a bit more rain. I am not going into the technical side as that has been covered already in the two previous reviews, I will just say as I find.

    Obviously the first thing to note is that they don't need any breaking in. Out the box, on the feet and away you go. Fitting wise, again with the 'two sock scenario', everything is fine and comfortable, though there is a bit of 'heel slip', but this may well just be me being over conscious and not wanting to get blisters.

    The design is obviously Military and they are like the Combat High Boot of my day and that is great for adding extra support; great if you have weak ankles. Unlike Combat Highs they are light, 750g per boot light. To be honest they remind me of the old NI Patrol Boots, built for speed and I like that. My pace today was an average of 3.26 Mph and at no stage did my feet feel like they were over heating, which was impressive. I had total confidence in their protection for both impact as well as keeping my feet dry, though the terrain was hardly the Pennine Way. But for such a short time with these boots, my confidence in them is high already.

    Now, and this maybe an age thing, I am actually not that keen on the colour scheme Forest. Black, well that works for me everytime. But I also have no doubt that you 'young-uns' will like both the Sandy as well as Forest colour schemes.

    So basically if I was still serving, would I buy these? Without doubt yes. They would be great for BFT's (what! You no longer wear boots for this?) and CFT's. They are real APC's and I look forward to getting them on'th thills for a proper work out and will update this review accordingly when they have been seriously tested in the boggy boglands of bogsville.

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  1. toptellytotty
    Hi Rod924 - I am making a documentary on "indispensible military kit" ie what are the 1 or 2 items you wouldn't be without? What are the qualities you want in the perfect pair of military boots/rucksack/tent/knife/clothing etc? Could you contact me please via info@sarahlockett.co,uk - thanks 27/4/15
  2. Rod924
    Right, so I have just returned from walking the Pennine Way and I have the following comments.

    Firstly, I did not get one blister! Partly '1000 mile socks', partly good feet care but mainly the boots were bloody fantastic. 268 miles and not one blister! Was I taking it easy? 40lbs on my back, done in 14 days, certainly not.
    Bogs? Oh there were bloody loads of the sodding things. Feather Bed Moss, Tan Hill to Middleton, Alston to Greenhead and the never ending bog that skirts the Forest on route to Byrness. The Boots some how always kept my feet dry, even with the ever growing outer layer of schoite that was developing on them. And the pictures give clear evidence of some of the deeper encounters that I had.

    Protection? I have no doubt that without these boots I would have either broken or sprained an ankle. All those who have walked the 'Way' will know the different 'tests' that happen and these boots simply delivered. Those who have never done any of the 'Way', think Health & Safety Manager going into melt down within the first 16 miles from Eden to Crowden.

    One negative I did find was with the Vibram sole which struggled for grip on flags with wet moss/slime. Once realised, one just proceeded slightly slower over such areas. On dry slabs and rocks they were fine. Climbing Cauldron Snout & Pen-y-Ghent were no issue. I suppose if I would alter one thing, it would be the sole which would them give a near perfect boot.

    So, if you are thinking of buying a boot that will deliver from the get-go, I have no hesitation in recommending these, in black of course.
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