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Phil Campion Who Dares Wins

Phil Campion Who Dares Wins

Phil Campion
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
"Following the phenomenal success of Born Fearless, Who Dares Wins is the long-awaited sequel:

- Wild and Shocking Childhood Stories - A chequered past, from terrible abuse suffered in a string of kids' homes to psychological abuse suffered at a top public school.

- The Royal Hampshires - the so called "green army" and laying the foundation for what was to come.Tales from the the brutal trial of SAS selection, and selected experiences thereafter.

- Adventures in The Gold Mines of West Africa - my time immediately after leaving the SAS, providing private military services across mineral-rich but horrendously war-torn West Africa.

- Frying Alive In Togo - the chilling true story of how I was arrested in Togo, West Africa, for travelling with military equipment (to deliver to a team working in Togo), and how I was left to fry in a steel shipping container.

- Body-guarding The Stars - my life in the world of celebrity. In between my African adventures, I body-guarded the likes of Led Zep, Oasis, Kasabien, Dizzy Rascal and Pro Green. Jaw-dropping stories to quicken the blood.

- Big Phil's War - the gripping, behind-the-scenes stories from my time in Syria with the Free Syrian Forces (YPG/J) and in Northern Iraq with the Kurdish Peshmerga, acting as a roving reporter for Sky TV (and more often than not under fire)."

What can I say? It's Big Phil's story.

Actually its like Big Phil's share as he releases a lot of his demons in this telling of his childhood abuse his mental collapse and recovery. Interestingly he doesn't share much of his SAS service story, whether he was second man on the balcony or what the colour of the boat house is, however I believe he has given the best help and advice for any of those who feel fit enough to take selection. My life, they take the lads through it. I think that we have mostly all heard of the Fan Dance but Phil paints it for us in vivid colour and sweat.

Re-watching Phil's documentary on the Peshmerga would really help you understand the book . Its title should have been not Who Dares Wins but "WHO'S LOOKING FOR TROUBLE?". Phil has done so all his adult life and I admire him for it, the thing that I should most take away from the story from a military point of view is his setting up an intelligence network made of footballers. Read it and see.

Ideally suited to be recommended on on our site if we can't give him 4.5 who can we? I would have given 5 but personally I had too many questions to ask after reading the book a little more detail and clarification would have helped out but then I am a nosey Sapper. Get it read during your Summer hols.

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