Peter the Great’s Revenge

Peter the Great’s Revenge

Boris Megorsky
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4 Mushroom Heads
I received this book for review as another of A-Y’s ‘surprises’, having asked for a book about the Peninsular War or another about the Seleukid Empire (Persia after Alexander the Great). I’m not familiar with the conflict between Sweden and Russian-led Northern Powers, so thought it might be interesting nonetheless. The book is a Helion publication, on nice glossy paper, and forms part of the ‘Century of the Soldier’ series.

This book has day-to-day diaries of what was happening at Narva during two battles, one involving a long siege. It also has pen-pictures of some of the leaders, generals and other important personnel, and snippets of information about other world events taking place at the time. There are extracts from journals, letters, and accounts from people on both sides and neither.

The author has undoubtedly carried out a lot of research, and the book includes pictures, maps, drawings and diagrams as well as later paintings – there is a LOT of information here. If you want to know how to service siege cannon, learn musket drill, see what an escalade is and how to carry it out, or the best construction for assault ladders; all this can be learned alongside information about troop and cavalry deployments, hard defences and naval support. The reader is also educated about the nature of fortress warfare, sieges and military customs of the time.

The final section on the further fate of the city and some of the participants makes interesting reading too.

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