Past and Present: 1st AIRBORNE MARKET GARDEN 1944

Past and Present: 1st AIRBORNE MARKET GARDEN 1944

Simon Forty &Tom Timmermans
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Essentially a pictorial guide book for the 1st AIRBORNE Divisions part in OPERATION MARKET GARDEN. The book's introduction starts with dispelling a few myths about the Operation that people now take as gospel because of the film “A Bridge Too Far” and also starts to show the reader the layout of the area and where the main actions took place; these have been marked with posts for any keen battlefield tourist to follow.

The book then goes into a brief description of the Allies' plan and the German's response to counter that plan. There then follows a detailed description of the first 3 days of the Operation (the fly in phase) the time period where it can be argued that the battle was lost.

The book then goes into the Bridge battle and the defence of the Oosterbeek perimeter before giving a brief description of how the battle ended.

Although not a heavy read on the details of the battle where the book is outstanding is its pictures of the areas in 1944 against those areas now, and showing you the many memorials in and around the Arnhem area. Not as detailed as other battlefield tour books of the same area but it more than makes up for it with the pictures that are printed.

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A definite must buy if you’re going on a battlefield tour of the area.


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