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Dennis Oliver
ARRSE Rating
5 Mushroom Heads
This book will be of interest to both modellers and those interested in the history and the mechanical details of the Panzer 111 used during operation Barbarossa.

Now I will be the first to admit that I have never seen this range of books before.

The book begins with a chapter on the re arming of Germany and the birth of the Panzer tank, its early trials and subsequent changes to make it for ready for service use. It includes a full page map of Eastern Europe in 1939 , as by 1940 many of the borders had changed or vanished.

The book is cleverly laid out with a timeline of the battle day by day, showing the regiments involved, other German forces called in and the locations of each regiment , from 21st of June right up to 2nd December 1941 It has clear easy to understand block diagrams of the structure of each Panzer regiment , showing the numbers of each tank and the command structure along with a chapter accompanying each Division.

Included in this comprehensive book are original and rare archive photographs showing not only each marque of tank in great detail, their location where known and regiment and markings , but also close ups , showing specialist modifications and additions.

As well as the original black and white images large ¼ plate images in colour have been produced to show the exact specification, colour scheme, markings and armament of each model of tank. Following this is a chapter showing superb full-plate images of Model tanks by the different manufactures, and giving details of modifications and changes that can be made, in fact in many of these images with the black background you would be hard pressed to detect whether they where in fact real tanks, such is the dedication of the modellers and the quality of the kits, and information is given on the different makes available and specialist after-market products.

64 pages fully illustrated

Dennis Oliver must be congratulated on his hard work in writing this book

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