Painting Wargaming Figures - WW2 in the Desert

Painting Wargaming Figures - WW2 in the Desert

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Painting Wargaming Figures - WW2 in the Desert by Andy Singleton.
ISBN: 978 1 52671 631 6 Published by: Pen & Sword Books.

Andy Singleton has been modelling and painting since childhood, having built subjects across a broad range of subjects, scales and genres. He decided to stop working for a living and set up as a professional figure painter and set up Volley Fire Painting Service. As well as painting many thousands of figures, he has worked with many manufacturers across the model-making industry and his work can be found in many magazines, rule books and websites. He is the co-host of the successful pod-cast "A few Brits and the Hobby".

This book is aimed more at the entry level figure painter with many hints and tips for the beginner plus informative step-by-step guides. The whole aim of the book is for the reader to chose a style that they wish to paint in from "conscript", "regular" or "elite". These style become progressively more detailed as the reader builds up their skill level.

Written in an easy, avuncular style; The author has decided upon five uniforms to teach; British & Commonwealth, Italian, German and American, plus a Camouflage section. These follow on as a natural progression from the first two chapters, Tools of the Trade (and basic techniques) and Boot Camp - preparing and assembling the figures. Chapter 8 deals with bases and simple dioramas web the final chapter contains a list of manufacturers.

Although a little basic for the skilled modeller, this is definitely a useful little book for anyone interested into stepping into the mysteries of figure painting. While not exhaustive, there is sufficient information in the 153 pages to produce some pretty good work and is certainly worth an afternoon's reading.

I received a paperback version of this book, rrp being £14.99. Personally, I think it is pretty good value for money, considering it is all colour photos and easy to read text. I would definitely recommend this book to any in the model-making fraternity.

Rating: A very good 4/5


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