Out of The Dark

Out of The Dark

Greg Hurwitz.
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
Orphan X - real name, as far as is known, Evan Smoak. Taken as a young boy from an orphanage, lifted from a life that was going downhill rapidly by The Mysterious Man and then inducted into a Top Secret Cold War program, he was trained in all manner of things; sharpshooting, unarmed combat and dirty fighting. Trained to use every weapon that he may encounter and trained to be ruthless. Evan has performed numerous assassinations for his masters, both overt and covert. He has bombed, shot and stabbed many targeted enemies. Some were constructed to look like accidents, others, well it didn't matter. Now he is out of the game but has become the hunted rather than the hunter.

The President of the USA has ordered his death, along with all the others on the program and now Evan must kill the President; probably the most heavily protected man on Earth.

I'd not read anything by this author until I acquired this book and now I shall be seeking more by him. It's tautly written and a plot that rattles along at a fine pace. Remember it is fiction and a thriller so best not to look too much for realism, however as entertainment it is very good. I did like it a lot and was kept engaged by it to the end.

And really, that is what I look for in a book.
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