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Orkney Twilight

Clare Carson
ARRSE Rating
3.5 Mushroom Heads
This thriller is set in Orkney and London, I don't think it quite fits into the current Tartan Noir style of books. Am not really sure why, it just doesn't quite have enough darkness despite all the intrigue.

As always with reviewing this sort of book one does not wish to give away too much of the plot or storyline, suffice to say it is a mix of several different strands that come together as needed for the adventures to proceed.

The book is narrated by Sam, the daughter of an undercover policeman, Jim, who form the main focus of the book although they able joined by many other characters who drift in and out as required.

It's set in the 1980's when Sam is 18, and I'm wondering if this is to the start of a series of books. It's the author's first book and not a bad start to a writing career at all and it would interesting to see what the resourceful Sam gets up to next.

Her descriptions of Orkney are fairly accurate, she's obviously very knowledgeable on the area but as she's written about a fictional location within Orkney, I did find myself trying to place where exactly it would be on the landscape!

The politics of the early 80's come to the fore in the novel providing the reason for the up and down the country intrigue with lots of cause for thought and reflection along the lines of, oh yes, I remember that. There is a section of the book set around Greenham Common for those old enough to remember being there.

I did feel the ending was a little bit deus ex machina but it does fit the style of the novel and completes it quite nicely.

Overall, I'd say an enjoyable read. A fairly standard thriller of its ilk.
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