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On Courage: Stories of Victoria Cross and George Cross Holders

On Courage: Stories of Victoria Cross and George Cross Holders

ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
Alexander Armstrong, Baroness Hale, Bear Grylls, Bill Beaumont, Bobby Charlton, Katherine Grainger, Kelly Holmes, Derek Jacobi, Eddie Redmayne, Frank Bruno, Geoffrey Palmer, Jeremy Irons, Joanna Kavenna, Joanna Lumley, John Simpson, Joseph Calleja, Julian Fellowes, Kate Adie, Ken Dodd, Margaret MacMillan, Mark Pougatch, Mary Berry, Michael Whitehall and Jack Whitehall, Miranda Hart, Richard Chartres, Tom Ward, Will Greenwood, and Willie Carson.
From RAF flight engineer Norman Jackson, who climbed out onto the wing of a Lancaster bomber in flight to put out a fire, using a twisted parachute as a rope, on the night his first child was born; children's writer turned Assistant Section Officer Noor Inayat-Khan, who was the first female operator to infiltrate occupied France and refused to abandon what had become the most dangerous post in the country; to Irish seaman and Antarctic explorer Tom Crean, who struck out alone for a supply depot during Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole to save the life of his ailing companion, these courageous men and women are an inspiration to us all.

Written by leading historians and authors Tom Bromley, Saul David, Paul Garlington, James Holland and Dr Spencer Jones, these incredible accounts tell of the recipients' determination and selfless actions in times of war. Each story is introduced by a public figure, including Mary Berry, Bear Grylls, Sir Bobby Charlton, Joanna Lumley, Eddie Redmayne and the late Sir Ken Dodd.

This book was much more than I expected , its not just the citation of the awards but a personal history of each hero. Being a Sapper of course I had to read Lt. Chards' ( Rourkes Drift) story first and was pleseantly suprised at the detail provided. Each celebrety introduces a hero, and heros they certainly are presented in a user friendly way; you can read the book from cover to cover (very easy to do) or dip in and out as you like.

The beauty of this book is that £2.70 from each sales goes to Combat Stress. what more you you ask for from such uplifting true ripping yarns? Personally I think this would make a great gift for youngsters doing their O level history this year and for non millitary friends and family.

Once again this is turning out to be a great year for books and this will be a contender for my book of the year. Four and a half mushroom heads.

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