Olight M23 Javelot Torch - With COMPETITION!

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    Torch Direct have unfortunately been unable to provide an M23 Javelot to give away as part of our usual review competition..... They've instead gone one better and given us the Olight R50 Seeker! More expensive, more powerful, more streamlined. Very kind of them indeed.

    To get your grubby mits on this, simply post in the comments below your answer to the following:

    You're in a dark, small room with no way out. You fumble for your M23 and flick it on. What's the last thing you'd ever want to see lit up in front of you?

    Competition will end on Monday the 9th of October. Get your answers in below!

    Olight are a well known brand of Chinese torch manufacturers, with a broad range of products and they excel in very powerful light outputs in small form torches. The M23 Javelot follows the same pattern of being powerful and robust, without being overly cumbersome or expensive.

    The M23 comes in a snazzy carry case with a belt pouch, a light diffuser cap, lanyard and battery compartment as well as some replacement rubber o-rings should the fitted ones wear out. The carry case is actually quite a solid bit of kit, it's taken a fair beating but has held up well over the last nine or ten months, and the battery compartment can take two CE123A disposable batteries or a lithium 18650 rechargable battery.

    The body is a type 3 anodised aluminium and can take a kicking, with raised bumps on the head of the torch to protect the glass from impact, of which it can sustain a 1.5m fall although I've dropped it from higher because I'm a fud. Still working fine, it's IPX8 compliant and can withstand and operate in up to 2m of water, and this ensures the unit will stick with you through the toughest of conditions.

    The actual grip and hold is very reassuring with the body, as it's rough with a grid style grip on the main body which keeps it firmly in the hand.

    The tailcap lets you operate the three settings of Low, Medium and High. High pumps out 1020 Lumens for five minutes before the overheat protection kicks in and drops you down to 600 Lumens for 55 minutes. Medium gives you 350 Lumens at 2 hours and Low gives you 20 Lumens for 30 hours. On the highest setting it can throw the light 436m and it still lights up and lets you define detail over that distance.

    At £75.95, it's in the middle tier of pricing for a decent torch, but the M23 really does spank its competition and I feel it really does give value for money. I spent about a month researching torches before I bought this, and so far it's not let me down.

    If you want to find out more, head over to Torch Direct and their page for the M23, but overall, highly recommended.
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  1. MrBane

    The winner is:



    Because yes, that'd be truly pant filling, especially if you heard that 'klak' shortly after.

    I'll be in touch with details of how to claim your prize, well done!
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    1. Sixty
      Needed the torch to find your calendar did you? :)
      Sixty, Oct 11, 2017
    2. tiger stacker
      May the best arrser win
      tiger stacker, Oct 11, 2017
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  2. beer
    Tinman, thumbing his cock into the back of an empty mag-light, whilst googling the symptoms for nob-helmet cancer.
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  3. on_leave
    A light-operated booby trap
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  4. single malt
    A certain drill sergeant of my aquaintence from my formative years with his pace stick at the ready
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  5. Flaggie
    MrBane with an Olight R50 Seeker, looking smug.
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  6. lert
  7. Bladesman
    A black cat, that isn't there. The one I was looking for. :)
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    1. Steven
      If it was Schrodingers cat then it might still be there, or maybe not
      Steven, Oct 5, 2017
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  8. Daxx

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  9. Robbo_72
    Pretty nifty bit of kit that is, Except it does not come with an scent detector, and in that case I would say the last thing I would like to see when turning it on in the pitch black is the cup scene from "Two girls & one cup".


    If I was a budding young jihadi........

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  10. Chimp
    A picture paints a thousand horrific words:
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    1. tiger stacker
      An accomplished pianist
      tiger stacker, Oct 4, 2017
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    2. beer
      Is that a little bit of **** on her teeth?
      beer, Oct 10, 2017
    3. beer
      Is that a little bit of baby-making-batter on her teeth?
      beer, Oct 10, 2017