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Of Demons and Blue Moons

Andy Farman
Sex; straight sex, lesbian sex, dwarf sex, bestiality sex, surprise sex. You name it this book has it (except dwarf clown sex, but close though). It also has Faeries – the main character, who happens to want to shag the world dry – demons, the devil, werewolves and dragons. This book contains the lot and more besides, including an ex Matelot London Cabbie who gets caught up in the middle of this mad world.

Fae, the Faerie, was almost killed by a shadow like creature until Scott Bennett , ex Matelot, stopped it. From there, he followed Fae into the ‘other’ world where all these creatures exist away from the common human. His task, to keep Fae alive while she hunts down and kills (by having sex with them) the 7 shadow creatures that are hunting her, to either kill her, or turn her into the devils wife.

As you can imagine this story is wild and pretty much covers every day dream any single lad in the block could make up and others he hadn’t thought of yet. The book is pretty much filled from page to page about sex and violence, sometimes at the same time. There is other stuff going on to give it a bit of a story line, but generally it is sex and violence.

As far fetched as the story line may be, it is intriguing and not a bad book. I was mildly disappointed when I finished it, but this is only book 1, so will certainly read the next and any more that come after that.

The authors note at the end tells us that the main character is loosely based on a real person he once saw/met years ago while stood on sentry during a party at Buck House. It would be interesting to know who she was/is.

If you are into your fantasy novels, this isn’t too bad, quite a good read with a half decent story line. 3.5 mushroom heads from me.
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