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North Korea - Warring with the World

North Korea - Warring with the World

Paul Moorcroft
ARRSE Rating
5 Mushroom Heads
Created in 1945 when Korea was partitioned, North Korea or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea remains the world's most secretive nation. Even the few permitted visitors are tightly monitored by minders, so accounts of those who have escaped are the main source of information on conditions within the country. What is not in doubt is the totalitarian control over the population exercised by the ruling dynasty. Kim Jong-un is the grandson of the first dictator Kim Il-sung. Until the development of a credible nuclear arsenal, it was possible to ignore North Korean posturing. But that is no longer an option as test firing proved that not only were other Asian nations directly threatened but the USA as well. While President Trump and Kim Jong-un met in Singapore in June 2018, there remains distrust and dangerous uncertainty. Professor Moorcraft is superbly qualified to trace the history of this small rogue nation that represents a major threat to world peace. He goes on to examine the political and military implications.

This smashing book written by Professor Paul Moorcraft is a tour de force, he has taught politics and journalism and it shows.The book is very approachable and written in a style which assists the novice to keep up with the plot dealing with the vagaries of North Korea it's not always that easy. I would say that this should have been entitled " All you ever wanted to know about North Korea but were frightened to ask." If you were starting a military book library you would do well to buy this book first to find out how governments control the people, the machine of state and their own dubious family. Kim two and three have managed the process of inheriting their fathers totalitarian state in a way which can only be admired by those who study the politics reale. How can this small state keep the Russians Chinese and the USA on its toes is explained in simple terms to enable us to understated nuclear politics. I am going to give this book five mushroom heads and its potentially going to be my book of the year. If you study warfare you need this on your shelf.

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