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Normandy Ghosts

Normandy Ghosts

Nigel Stewart and Sean Claxton
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
The Book has been produced with the authors profound knowledge of the Normandy campaign. It is a picture book with historical pieces used on each page with each page showing an image of a Normandy street scene of today, also churches or village scenes. The scenes are modern and recently photographed but ‘ghosted’ onto the modern picture is a half picture of what was happening on that spot during June or July 1944. The old images are faded on which loses some of its effect. I would have preferred two pictures: the 1944 image and the modern one.

There is no story to the book, just a series of instances, so what you have in effect is a ‘coffee table book.’

Interesting and well put together. I award it 3 stars.

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