Anthony Tucker Jones
The book is mostly of images prior to, and during the D Day landings. There are some really good detailed shots, they’re not just a repeat of images seen many times before, but really good detailed interesting photographs of previously unseen images.

All the characters; the big players are written of in detail. Bomber Harris, ‘I never knew that he was a South African and a WW1 fighter pilot in France.’ Air Chief Marshall Sir Trafford Leigh- Mallory, and how difficult he was to get along with! Lt Gen James Doolittle who commanded the ‘Mighty Eighth couldn’t stand Leigh Mallory, he outwardly ‘shuddered’ when meeting him at conferences. Other commanders are also written of in detail.

The German ground Battle is shown in images and statements of the Germans on the ground, they certainly took a pounding from Fighter Bomber Ground Attack, the ‘Jabos’ which were the P51s, the Mustangs and various marks of the Spitfire.

The Luftwaffe and what they did throughout the Normandy Campaign is quite little known, but it is well written up here. The fact that the man in charge; Genera Feldmarscall Hugo Sperrie who was apparently out of his depth and showed little flare for his job. The Luftwaffe aircraft operated out of Belgium, they mostly got ambushed on the way to Normandy by Allied Aircraft, of course the Luftwaffe had the additional task of defending their homeland from the massive Bomber Raids that were taking place post D Day.

There is a good write-up, together with images and details of the British and US Airborne Divisions and their actions. The images of the Pegasus Bridge Operation are quite amazing. It is quite amusing to see ‘Normandy Cows sheltering in the shade of a near perfectly landed Glider adjacent to Pegasus Bridge.

This is an interesting read, the author has done well to source the images, some obtained from the USAF archives, others the RAF archives but mostly sourced from USA Military Archives, it seems the US were not afraid to show a dead man’s face providing that he was German.

The Book seems expensive at £15, but it is good and the author does maintain ones interest, which for me is difficult these days!

I award the book 5 stars and recommend it, I will send the book FOC to the first person to PM me with address details.


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