No moon as witness

No moon as witness

James Stejskal
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
I have always been interested in the French resistance especially in rural France when related to safe houses, drop off by parachute and pick-ups by Lysander aircraft etc, the book covers a great deal of that, however this splendid book covers British SOE (Special operations executive) and American OSS (office of strategic services) worldwide activities. In particular very interesting is the Norwegian resistance, the extreme courage of that particular group is almost beyond imagination, the Burmese resistance also makes very good reading. All the resistance groups were backed up by infiltrated British or American personnel.

Interesting to note that the American OSS was active by having schools in Canada for example well before their entry into the war, using Canadian instructors also some British and of course their own American instructors. The Jedburghs famous for their post D Day activities where over 300 British and American teams where dropped into France, they did good work along with the French resistance in preventing German Divisions reaching the battle front. The German treatment of captured Jedburghs was utterly ruthless. The life span of agents dropped into France was no more than six weeks, many; well over one hundred agents that jumped into the night over France, men and women were never heard of again.

I recommend this well researched book and award it 4.5 stars.

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