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Lee Child
This is part of the Jack Reacher series of books but what the author has done is collate all the short stories that have been published in magazines etc, added a couple of new ones and brought this compilation out.

It is a good and very easy read with each story running to approx 50-70 pages, so easily dealt with in a session. They cover both his period as a soldier and post army with a look at Reacher as a teenager (not a lot of difference!) but each one is a classic JR story with good beating bad, although with the usual twist here and there just to show that good is not always that good!

All together there are twelve stories with no particular theme running through them no particular timeline but the usual theme of Reacher being huge and taking out all the bad guys as he ‘white-knights’ any lovely young lady who just happens along. That is not a problem at all as that is the feature of all the Reacher books so if you like the full length stories then these short stories will fit in nicely.

I enjoyed the book and it is a good filler until his next full length book comes out in November – there is a taster from the book at the end of this one. The new title is “The Midnight Line” and will be out just in time to add to your Christmas present wish list. This book, “No Middle Name” has come out just in time for the summer holidays and this would be a perfect book to stick on your Kindle or tablet for reading when trying to fill a few minutes in the airport, plane or resort.


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