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Nine Battles To Stanley

Nick Van Der Bijl.
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5 Mushroom Heads
The Argentinian invasion of the Falklands Islands came as a thunderclap in early April 1982, the British government was caught by surprise as were the military. This book records the war via the nine important battles which ultimately lead to the under strength and under resourced British Army winning one their finest chapters in history.

Since then there have been numerous books, plays and documentaries telling the story of the war . I wondered what would make this one any different , in the end Nicks fantasist journey through the facts and records of both belligerents makes this the ultimate book to read if you desire the true story .

Like a lot of people I wondered what the Argies wanted with some obscure islands in the north of Scotland , some people suggested that they were after the Royal marine bases some said that they wanted to capture our north sea oil. That's how much the general public were prepared for this action and our government of the time had to hurried cobble up a task force to remove the Argies from our territory in the north Atlantic, that was news to a lot of us that we had such domains.

Prior to this the military went through “ options for change “ in other words slim down our forces as much as we can during recessionary times. After all most defense staff and armchair general had us convinced that the next war would be a computer driven technological one requiring highly IT trained soldiers to fight war from a distance . In the event it became an old fashioned boot and bayonet action in the cold , wet inhospitable terrain of the Falklands . The weather and terrain were neutral and both side suffered badly for it . These nine battles described in great detail shows how when a war becomes a brawl it is the brave soldier on the spot who makes the difference .
A fact i hadn't seen recorded before was that a number of the Argentinian soldiers had been trained in the USA and there fore spoke with a species of American accent shouting insults and abuse the our troops , it is perhaps from this that the myth of American snipers was born. This as I have said before it THE book on the conflict superbly researched and written by Nick Van Der Bijl, don't take my word for it , ask his publishers its been reprinted twice and is well worth the five mushroom heads .
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