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Night School

Lee Child
The 21st Reacher story and this book is for you if you are a Reacher fan, which I am. It takes the man back 20 years or so to when he was still in the army as a Military Police major. Having successfully concluded a case, tea and medals all round, he is sent off to an obscure course (the Night School of the title) for an obscure reason. Quickly realising that this is a way to get him out of circulation just to stop people gossiping about him Reacher goes along to see what the score is. In the room are a CIA man and an FBI man, all sent for the same course. Soon they are joined by some very senior people who want this small group of people to work together to discover a secret. It all came from a report of an American, in a German bar talking to some Arabs and saying “The price is 100 million dollars”. What is worth $100 million? This is one of the bits that bugs me about this book as it is obvious what the 100 mill would buy yet it is not mentioned until well in to the book.

Anyway, Reacher being Reacher does his own thing and because it happened in Germany, said by probably an American serviceman he flies out to Hamburg to start looking. He makes contact with the local German police then starts to look around. The bar in which the conversation took place is a hangout for some very right wing people, a couple of who Reacher teaches some good old fashioned manners to in his inimitable way. A lot of police work is being done by the local Germans and the US military and diplomatic authorities. This tracks down what is happening, who is doing it and where – but in a lot more detail than I am going to go into here as it would spoil the storyline.

I enjoyed this Reacher more than the past couple as it takes the man back to his roots and has him acting in a more or less normal fashion. The object for sale is plausible, and indeed I saw a short documentary about this very weapon from the 1950s. A lot of internal intrigue from the Germans who don’t seem to know who are the good guys and who are the right wing nutters, but again well written if somewhat insulting to Germany. The writing is tight and the characters plausible with a good storyline that Child keeps running along in Reacher’s breathless manner.

If you are a Reacher fan then this book is a must for you. If you just like a good thriller then this book is also one you would do well to read. I don’t suppose it is any coincidence that this book is coming out at the same time as the next Reacher film is released – I still can’t get over the idea of a midget playing a 6 foot 7 inch giant of a man! Anyway, ignore that, the book is good.

4/5 Mr MRHs

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