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John Kelly
Summer 1940 , the Germans have conquered Poland, Denmark and Norway. The Czech armaments industry was theirs and the Royal Air Force was dropping leaflets on Germany. 150 German divisions were poised to attack France's d0 Divisions and the incomplete BEF. Within weeks they would sweep through Northern France and Belgium pinning the BEF against Dunkirk.

In Britain the Cabinet was divided ,with Halifax and the appeasers showing little stomach for a fight. The US ambassador , Kennedy was dismissive of the British will to resist. As in France the Left gave little political support and the economy was underperforming. Men were still unemployed.

Kelly tries to encapsulate this moment and what brought the British to fight against a brutal and merciless regime.

The book eschews the dramatic snap shot approach , rather adopting a linear narrative. The ground is well prepared with about 40 pages moving from 1919 to 1939.

The book runs to 321 pages plus a good index and extensive notes for further reading. Pictures are on photo quality paper and photo credits are helpfully tabulated.

One or two minor details will , no doubt, be picked up in future editions including the beaches of Blackpool , Bath (!) and Brighton , the knights of the squire and the odd American spelling or two.

Kelly has produced a logically argued work following on from his other published works.

The book retails at £25 and is also available on Kindle.
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