Naval Archives volume 8

Naval Archives volume 8

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This is a paperback A4, 78 pages book containing many black & white photos plus colour paintings of four distinctive ships plus a seaplane.

I can't quite make up my mind what this book is trying to do. The first two chapters deal with Naval Cruisers. Chapter three covers the Fairey Fulmar and chapter four deals with the Carrier Qualification of the GrupAer. Finally, there is a range of 3D pictures of the Japanese Battleship Musashi! A strange mix indeed.

Chapter One covers the "Elizabethan" Cruisers aka The "Hawkins" cruisers. These were WW1 British Naval warships, named after famous Elizabethan admirals. HMS Hawkins was launched in 1917, HMS Cavendish 1918, HMS Raleigh in 1919, HMS Corbusier in 1920 and HMS Framingham in 1921.
Chapter Two deals with the German cruiser "Leipzig". When she entered service, Leipzig was considered to be one of the most valuable ships of the then Reichsmarine and then later Kriegsmarine. Leipzig was quite innovative in it's design. She had all her fume extractor diverted to the ship's exhaust and this was reduced to one funnel, a very modern step away from the wartime smoke stacks.

The Fairey Fulmar was a two-seater naval fighter that looked very much like a stretched out Suparmarine Spitfire. Designed as carrier-based aircraft for the Fleet Air Arm, the Fulmar was produced at a time when Britain needed a plane to hold the line. 600 planes were built and all planned remodifications were cancelled in 1944.

Chapter four is a brief description of the qualifications for the Italian Carrier GrupAer. There are plenty of colour photos of what appear to be Harriers (AV8B) and a few shots of some impressive looking flat-tops.

All in all, I can't say I was impressed by this book. For those who follow ships and planes that go with ships, this may be of interest.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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