My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

Benjamin Spall & Michael Xander
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4 Mushroom Heads
Although an instruction manual interspersed with personal experiences, the joint authors have succeeded in making this an interesting and remarkably informative work which I enjoyed thoroughly.

The strapline of My Morning Routine is 'How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired' ; the whole idea being that any individual can, by changing entrenched approaches to their waking hours, set themselves up for a happy, fulfilling and productive day. However, the appeal of this book is not just the attempt to change the instinctive 'roll out of bed and rush to work' regime used by millions, but in the use of short and valuable anecdotes from 64 well-known people to show how simple changes in the morning can improve lives quite remarkably.

The layout of this book is particularly impressive because the logical and easy to follow structure of chapters and anecdotes are interwoven with an exhaustive range of information and tips, mostly very easy advice on how to adapt a mundane existence into something enjoyable. This is the sort of book that can be read once and then dipped into again and again for years afterwards. I am confident that this publication will be a valuable addition to bookshelves and libraries around the World. Excellent.

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