Millicast Models of Glasgow

Millicast Models of Glasgow

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Milicast AFV Models, Milicast Models
9 Rannoch St., Battlefield, Glasgow G44 4DF
Tel: 0141 633 1400

Most of you will know by now, that my prime interest in model making revolves around British World War Two Lorries and Trucks. I usually prefer 1/35 scale as the eyesight and arthritic fingers do not allow much smaller. I prefer making the unsung heroes of the truck world; the searchlight carriers, the battery chargers and the stores vehicles. I even have two Fordson NAAFI wagons awaiting construction. Unfortunately, there are not too many suppliers where these can be purchased.

I have, however, found a huge variety (over 500) of 1/76 scale vehicles produced by Milicast of Glasgow. The models are easy to build and contain the essential information to build some very good replicas. Photos shown below are from Milicast's website. The company has a very good website offering vehicles from USA, Britain and the Commonwealth, Germany, Russia, Others Nations (France, Italy etc) and World War One.

The headings are sub-divided into; Fully Tracked Armour (Tanks, SPG's, ARV's etc), Carriers and Half-tracks, Armoured Cars, Soft-skins, Guns and Trailers and Landing Craft. As previously stated, with over 500 different models, at reasonable prices in their Premiere Range, it is little wonder that Milicast are one of my first choice suppliers.

As well as a great range, Milicast also exhibit great customer service. When I had inadvertently double-ordered, Milicast immediately e-mailed me back to check if I was aware of the duplication. Service is first class and one never has to wait longer than a week to ten days to recieve an order.
Postage rates are comparable with competitors with a good range of options offered.

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