Military Strategy In The Twenty First Century: The Challenge For NATO

Military Strategy In The Twenty First Century: The Challenge For NATO

Janne Haaland Matlary and Rob Johnson
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NATO faces a period of changing political balances at the same time as military technology is evolving in the face of digitisation , connectivity ,cyber war and unmanned systems. The simple East v West doctrines of the Cold War have been complicated by third party players and arm’s length armed groups.

Attempting to look at emerging hardware is futile unless one examines the doctrine driving the new capabilities. As military readers we are probably all driven to examine shiny new weaponry before settling down to an exciting perusal of doctrine.

Janne Halland Matlary and Rob Johnson have gathered a series of essays to examine current military risks and themes facing the North Atlantic alliance, subjects include Article 5 , nuclear doctrine and force integration (STANAGS will be familiar to all)

The area they are covering is immense but they have produced an informative tome of essays spread over 586 pages including index. The emphasis is slightly weighted towards Scandinavia ,however , recent rising tensions in the Arctic region make this emphasis timely.

The book is informative but aimed squarely at the serious military or political readers. No illustrations lighten the message .Similarly there are no maps so readers may want to have their atlas on the side table .

The book is well bound and printed., The eagle eyed may spot the odd proof error such as page 183 lines 19 and 20.

In all a good buy for serious readers. Priced at £30 but a few copies on line circa £24.

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