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Men's Nebo waterproof Jacket from Mountain Warehouse

The company Mountain Warehouse was founded in 1997 and has the reputation of offering quality items at lower prices. Mountain Warehouse state they offer unbeatable value for money, quality products and many of their products are sourced from the same factories as well-known brands, but because they sell direct to the public, they offer prices up to 50% lower than equivalent products within the marketplace.

The Jacket up for review is the men’s 'Nebo' fully waterproof jacket in the Mountainlife Extreme range. First impression out of the bag is the weight and length. It’s lightweight and simply styled with some colour way detailing to lift the look of the jacket. I would class this as a short jacket that finishes at the hips. The material also feels like a good quality to the touch.

The Nebo Men’s waterproof jacket is made from Isodry 5000 waterproof fabric complete with taped seams. The 5000 refers to the Hydrostatic Head of a jacket. This is a figure derived by testing the material under water pressure, in this case 5000mm. To be classed as waterproof a jacket must meet the UK standards for Hydrostatic head of between 2000 and 15000. So in the case of this jacket it more than meets the standard for waterproofing. The higher the figure on waterproof material the longer it will remain waterproof. The Mountainlife Nebo extreme jacket is waterproof with taped seams. The fabric has a waterproof membrane and coating that prevents water droplets penetrating through the fabric and consequently protecting you from the elements. The jacket fabric is also windproof which eliminates any wind-chill and keeps you warmer.

It is windproof and internally it has a half mesh lining with pit zips under the armpits to improve the breathability. At the sleeve the jacket has Velcro cuffs with a rubberised fastener and an adjustable draw cord at the hem. The jacket also has a two way adjustable and detachable hood. Both adjusters are the shock cord type, the first being around the face and the second a horizontal adjuster from the back of the head (concealed under a flap to keep the integrity of the fabric). With some patient adjusting it is possible to get the hood fitted and still be able to turn your head with the hood following. The hood is detachable via a zip with a fabric storm flat over the zip. The storm flap is on the jacket and sits upright so that water runs off the hood and collects behind the flap and seeps through the zip. The collar is the next stop for the water; this doesn’t mean the jacket leaks as the water is still on the outside of the collar. It’s a point where over time water will start to work its way through. A simple solution would be to put the storm flap on the hood so the water would run over and down the jacket.

The Jacket has 3 zipped front pockets and 1 internal mobile phone/MP3 player pocket. All the zipped pockets as well as the front zip are rubberised/welded to give a sealed finish to prevent water ingress.

I wore this jacket everyday and the feel and fit of the jacket is absolutely fine, unfortunately it didn’t rain enough to test the effectiveness of the material. So I reverted to wearing it in the shower with the hood up. I have a power shower and the pressure of 1.5bar. With my new artificial rain pouring down on the jacket, it stood up well to water with it beading on the surface and running off. A quick shake afterwards and the jacket was virtually dry. As this is a coated waterproof jacket it will eventually need reproofing as do the majority of jackets on the market.

In conclusion, this is a capable waterproof jacket that sits in the market place at a very reasonable price and will be able to cope with most weather that can be thrown at it. As I said it is a short jacket so waterproof trousers would be a benefit in the rain and they’re reasonably priced from Mountain Warehouse as well.