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Mendip Madness

Mendip Madness

Geoff Stray
4 Mushroom Heads
Geoff Stray is an Engineer and writer of books on 2012, which he has been researching since 1982. Apparently he maintains the definitive database of 2012. He is a very clever Engineer who is currently building a V-twin motorcycle from parts of Panther and other old motorcycles. In its present state it was 'star of the show' at the recent Classic Motorcycle show at the Bath & West Showground. He makes his own shoes, and in his spare time, drives buses in Somerset and Avon. Truly a Renaissance man!

This particular short book is a series of descriptions of encounters with unusual passengers on the buses. He describes these people collectively as 'bewaddled scrumpophiles' or 'cider-soaked fruitcakes'.

With illustrated descriptions of passengers allowing their dogs to fight on the bus, passengers scamming their tickets, passengers behaving badly, and the idiocy of other drivers, there is something in this book to amuse everyone and I recommend it to you all. It is published by Straydog Books of Glastonbury, and will no doubt soon be joining his other output available on Amazon.
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