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Master of Mayhem

Peter Darman
ARRSE Rating
5 Mushroom Heads
“Master of Mayhem“ is the latest installment of Peter Darman's Crusader Chronicles (the previous three books have been reviewed on this site). As ever, Darman has produced a superb read that carries the reader along with a gripping narrative.

Based on a series of Crusades that really did take place in the Baltic States, the Crusader Chronicles follow the fortunes of a group of friends who arrive penniless but, through the fortunes of war, have risen to prominence amongst the crusading brethren.

Although this book builds on the previous three (I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series to gain maximum enjoyment), it develops several new angles in this story. I am pleased to say that this keeps the series fresh and the reader engrossed.

Available on Kindle for £2.40 and paperback for £8.97, this is a good buy either way. Darman has also produced a useful website with maps to go with this book and the others.

All in all, another splendid tale of crusading derring-do. 5 Mushroom Heads - a must read.
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