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Master Lock - Smart Bluetooth Keybox & Padlock

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Another video review! We're unstoppable! This is the Master Lock Smart Connected Padlock and Keybox, with Bluetooth functionality.

Master Lock are a well known company, providing a variety of padlocks, safes and other securing devices, all designed to make life as complex as possible for you when you lose your key and can't get in to what you need!
It's an age old problem. We had keys, then we had combinations, both of which could be either lost or forgot. Master Lock have decided to drag those mechanical concepts into 2017 by introducing connectivity through Bluetooth into both the Master Lock Smart Connected Keybox and Smart Connected Padlock.

This might initially seem like an over-complication and perhaps an element of 'connectivity because we can', but after initial reservations, it really does pay off in a number of ways.

Both devices are controlled via a Smartphone App, but it's worth noting that they can also operate as perfectly functional basic units, without any app, though you lose all the features that make them interesting. With this app, you can access a variety of features designed to enhance the level of security provided by each unit.

The first key feature, is that with anything based on combinations, there is only one combination to open that unit. As soon as you share that combination, you lose that element of control and security unless you then change the combination again. With the Smart Connected range, you can actually set a number of different codes for different needs. There is the primary access code, which is yours and yours alone. On top of this you can create three other access codes that are permanent (unless you remove them), a number of guest codes, and then up to one years worth of time and date access codes.

This last feature is very powerful and has a number of uses. If you have the keybox for example and you have people who access your home, or you run an Air BnB, etc, you can send them the future code to access the box. This is because the box has a digital secure electronic key, and once synced to your phone, your phone has that same key. This lets it generate key codes in advance, for a date and a two hour window. This is an excellent feature that really takes the strain off of worrying about how many people know the code to your box.

The app also lets you check the history on any synced device, once you're within Bluetooth range. It lets you see when it was opened, who opened it if the code was linked to a name, and also any failed attempts, which is handy if you're unsure if someone's trying your box without your knowledge.

The padlock is the same, and is useful in scenarios again where shared access is required, to things such as tools in a workshop that are locked down, cabinets, etc.

Both units are robust, solid bits of kit and don't deviate from the Master Lock standard of quality and robustness, though neither are currently accredited under the Secure By Design system. They also both run off of CR123A batteries which can be hot swapped out to retain any relevant information, meaning your box should never fail on you - you'll get plenty of warning via the app.

It's important to highlight that it is only Bluetooth, not internet, so you must be in range of the kit for it to work, but it does make a difference to simple ease of use and peace of mind.

It's also worth shopping around, as there is no RRP on the kit so you can find wildly different prices, and has it on sale for £124 - considerably more expensive than a standard Master Lock keybox, but it does bring that big increase in functionality which I personally feel is worth it. If you have for example, a sudden need to give someone access to your house and you're off-site, you can use your app to generate a code for the keybox which you can then remove access for once the job is done.

It's a peace of mind that standard systems where you have to share the only access method don't quite provide and with warranties that'll see you two years into the life of the product on a limited basis, you've also got that peace of mind for any technical failures.

It's a new concept, perhaps someone complicated with regards to elements of the app functionality, but for me, it works and works well. The big selling point is that regardless what happens to the app or Master Lock, the units will operate fine without, albeit only on the one master unlock code, just as a standard combination, which removes the risk of losing functionality through removal of any support from Master Lock.
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