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Marauder Webbing

First - the caveats: I'm only using this as a CFAV, my boss gave/issued me this webbing, my last experience with webbing was near 20yrs ago, and I'm a self confessed gear whore!

So, on to the webbing. This the Marauder SAS/Para MTP Webbing available from Britkit for £94.95 I've no idea what makes it SAS/PAra... that's their label.

It's configuration is pre-fitted pouches to a padded belt, with a roll-pin buckle. Available in 2 sizes (below 32“, and above 32“), the smaller size has 2 double ammo pouches (each comfortably taking 3 mags) closed with Velcro and a press stud, 3 water bottle pouches with velcro and a QR buckle, 2 small utility pouches on the side of the front two mag pouches, plus an FFD pouch. Build quality seems really quite good but I've not used it that long so we'll have to see...

The good stuff:
It's very light - surprisingly so. The weight of webbing is easily overlooked as it's rarely empty but when you get/make up a new set consider how much of your final weight will be the webbing itself.
It's really quite comfy - I tend to go without the harness/yoke and the padded belt was very comfy on the hips without need for any further padding. The material is similar to that on the current Predator pack
Pouch size - the water bottle pouches are plenty big enough to allow you to get a little extra in, like a meal around your jetboil or water bottle.
The small utility pouches - they're just the right size for small torch and a leatherman which helps keep them to hand. Although let down by the way the ammo pouch lid obscures them.

The not so good stuff:
Overall capacity - because the pouches are stitched on, they're not that close together meaning that with a waist size of 32“ you can only have 3 water bottle pouches. In the pic you can see that they still have room to allow the belt to open flat. On my old '58 water bottle pouch set up, there was no way it was laying flat. But maybe you don't need more than 3 pouches or you're fat and can have 4 pouches ;-)

FFD pouch - no good for the current dressing
Belt - it's two piece, stitched to the padding (rather than one piece all the way through the padding), meaning that the padding is taking the load, not the belt. You can see on my set that it's already deforming after only a few days use... doesn't look good for the long run. And as the pad is slightly stretchy, it also makes it harder to get a secure fit.
Pad length - it could be I'm just a skinny runt, but the pad definitely comes around to the front, particularly the side with the FFD pouch. It feels like it could start to rub to the top of your thighs on longer tabs. I feel like even if I was 36“ waist, I would still go with the smaller size to help with this.

Overall, I give it 3 out of 5 stars - some nice ideas that are just not quite thought through enough. For me, as someone who prefers not wearing the yoke - the belt issue has me thinking I might buy my own.

Happy to post more pics and to try to answer questions for anyone who's considering buying it.
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