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Rob Griffin
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4 Mushroom Heads
The M48 is one of those MBTs that just seems to blend into the background of postwar armour. The limelight seems to be stolen by other more familiar machines. That is until you start to review it’s history and realise just how widespread it’s use has been and that perhaps the reason that it blends in is that it has been developed and adapted so much over the years that you might not even know that you were looking at one.

That’s it where this edition of Pen and Swords Tank Craft series comes in. The author Rob Griffin is well known in the online/print armour community and is a recognised subject matter expert on British armour and the author of several books on the theme.

The book is lavishly illustrated with images that walk us through its immediate predecessors and on through its development and early service right through to present day variants up armed, armoured, and engined to the point that they are still a potent adversary on many of the worlds battlefield. It is a tribute to the M48s original designers that the basic vehicle was capable of being constantly upgraded to maintain its relevance.

The book is perhaps aimed mainly st the model making community with a section on the various kits of the M48 available, but that doesn’t mean there is not a lot here for the armour enthusiast. The vehicle has seen action in its various guises in Vietnam, the Middle East (on both sides), the Indo/Pakistan conflict, and many Brushfire wars In between. An excellent addition to the series I shall be looking out for others.

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