M2/M3 Armoured Half-Track, Landcraft series #2 by Robert Jackson

M2/M3 Armoured Half-Track, Landcraft series #2 by Robert Jackson

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Among the most successful armoured vehicles produced by the American vehicle builders during WW2 were the M2 and M3 Half-tracks. The vehicle served on every battleground and were as recognizable as other famous American wartime vehicles like the Sherman Tank or Jeep. Around forty thousand of them were produced between 1941 and 1945, many being used by British, Canadian, Indian and Australian armies as well as the Americans and the Germans who captured a few.

The M2 and M3 were easy to assemble and maintain and their versatility allowed them to fulfil a number of roles. This, the second of Pen and Sword's Landcraft series traces the design, development and manufacturing history of the M2/M3 and describes it's operational role within the Allied Armies. Excellent colour pictures show the use of camouflage and colour and also gives a scale view of the vehicles.

As usual, there are a number of excellent models made by professional Modeller's and set in quality dioramas. The star of this show must go to the 1/16th scale Anti-Aircraft variant built by Mr Brian Richards. All round brilliance! The engine alone is a model in it's own right! Kits appear to be available in scales from 1/16, 1/35, 1/72 and 15mm with plenty of available stock from the usual internet aftermarket dealers.

A selection of archive photographs showing the M2/M3 in action gives a graphic impression of how adaptable these vehicles were and records the range of equipment they would carry.The book is an excellent source for the modeller, providing details of available kits, together with specially commissioned colour profiles demonstrating how the M2/M3 used by different units and armies appeared.

All in all, another good book for the modeller but also useful for the military historian or researcher. I felt the book missed quite a chunk of history out by just concentrating on the European campaign. There was no mention of Africa or the far East nor any mention of it's service within the Soviet forces.

Useful, but lacking historical information.
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