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Lt Shaw. USMC. Books 6 and 7.

Andy Farman.
Lt. Shaw USMC book 6 is an updated re-issue of an earlier book with the same title, and is much more comprehensive. Those of us who have read the excellent 'Armageddon's Song' by the author will be familiar with the character of General Shaw, this book and the subsequent one puts flesh on the bones of the character.

The first book in the new series ( book 6) contains much more detail of our hero's father and his war service. The book begins in Vietnam, at a firebase that is under siege and attack, a south-east Asian version of the Alamo. This is set in 1963, when Shaw was a 2nd Lt, working with a Montangnard team and assisted by the visiting team known as 'The Empire Quartet', which included Lt Peter Dawnorsh of the Royal Marines - who was to go on to be Prime Minister of Great Britain in the later books - and Terry Jones, a CIA operator, ostensibly working with Air America. We also meet Megan Grainger-McVanie, a beautiful CIA spy who specialises in pillow talk.

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This is quite a complicated story, yet eminently readable. I shan't talk about the plot because that would spoil the reader's pleasure at unravelling the sometime labyrinthine strands that weave together so well, but I will say that I was enthralled and absorbed throughout.

The second of these books is 'Lt. Shaw, USMC; Soldiers, Spies and Lies, and it is just what it says on the tin! This episode gives much more detail of Shaw's father and the action he saw. From WW2 to Korea with excellent historical detail and superbly atmospheric settings one can see hoe the spirit of Young Shaw was forged from the steel of his father. The story continues with the Vietnam war and further adventures of Shaw and his companions. It also brings our hero into conflict with very senior and influential members of the Vietnamese army and government when Shaw cannot stand by and watch injustice and prejudice run rampant.

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If you have read any of Andy's work before, then you will be aware of the very high standard of research and attention to detail that goes into his writing. The fact that he can ally this with the ability to tell a rattling good yarn is commendable in the extreme. It puts the stuff that often heads the best sellers charts to shame and if there was any fairness in the publishing world then his work would be constantly heading the sales charts.

I can heartily recommend these books as a damned good read and well worth buying.
5 out of 5.
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