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Lines of Justice, Azdaja

Lee Sherred
I need to start with a warning; if you are of a delicate nature, or easily nauseous, this is not the book for you! The beginning of this book has one of the most stomach-churning descriptions of man's violence towards his fellow man. That said, it's not gratuitous violence, it's in keeping with the story and its relevance became clear as the reader progresses.

When Sergeant Samson and his team were in Kosovo they crossed paths with a man calling himself Azdaja, and were witness to some of the most horrifying events in that country's turbulent history. Azdaja is someone that Samson hoped to never encounter again, and hopes he has left behind when he returns to the UK. Sadly, that is not to be.

Fast forward several years and Samson is now with the police force when he hears about some grisly murders. While there's unfortunately nothing unusual about that, he's disturbed to find out that the victims are some of his ex-army buddies who also witnessed the appalling acts of Azdaja. Maybe he's jumping to conclusions and his Nemesis is safely locked up somewhere back In Kosovo?

When he finds out the manner in which his friends were killed, the floodgates open and he begins having chilling nightmares that take him straight back to his army days and an encounter that he had tried so desperately to forget. Coupled with the fact that he has a life-threatening illness hanging over him Samson decides to take matters into his own hands, after all, what has he got to lose?

Lines of Justice: Azdaja is an impressive debut novel and one that definitely packs a punch in more ways than one. Knowing that Lee Sherred had been in the army and the police force before I started reading his book, I suspected that it was going to be a difficult read (for the subject matter not the words themselves) and I was right, which is why I said at the beginning of my review that it's not a book for you if you're squeamish. This is a fast paced thriller that kept my interest from start to finish. Knowing that there are real people like this out in the world who will stop at nothing to punish others that they feel have done wrong is a very scary and sobering thought. I like the way the author's descriptive ability has you involved in each sub-plot. You can almost smell the filth in the flat!

I think that Lee Sherred has got a bright future ahead of him as a writer, in the same vein as Chris Ryan. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes their books dark, gritty and jam-packed with a realism that seems to flood out from the pages.
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I would rate it a good 4.5 out of 5.
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